Alexa Hubley is a growth-focused marketing strategist based in Vancouver, Canada.

Sticky Bars

Marketing campaign to launch Sticky Bars, a new Unbounce product.

Announcing sticky bars for your website.

Introducing a new conversion tool by Unbounce to help marketers increase conversions on both their website and landing pages.


For the campaign, I developed a one-minute, fast-paced product launch video and paired with paid ads, email and a dedicated landing page aimed at showing customers how quickly and simply they can launch a sticky bar in Unbounce. Look closely, you might see someone you know! ;)

With minimal copy, a heavy focus on imagery and use cases, the campaign worked to move customers quickly into Unbounce to build their first sticky bar.

In the end, I successfully helped over 900 customers build their first Unbounce sticky bar.


Beautifully-designed supporting content.

I worked with the design team to build the first-ever fully HTML email from Unbounce for this campaign. We knew we needed a sharp image to give this product release the emphasis it deserved. 

We then shared our message far and wide, developing gifs and images for all our social channels.