Alexa Hubley is a growth-focused marketing strategist based in Vancouver, Canada.

No Longer a Landing Page Platform

Marketing campaign for Unbounce, rebranding as a conversion tool for marketers.

No longer a landing page platform.

Unbounce rebrands as a full suite of conversion tools for marketers, including sticky bars, popups and landing pages. 


Unbounce had a problem: no one was using sticky bars or popups. So to increase awareness of our platform as more than just a landing page builder, we launched a campaign with one goal in mind: WAKE PEOPLE UP.

Sometimes you have to destroy who you are to become who you're meant to be..

I developed a campaign strategy using paid ads, video, social, email and a targeted landing page to reach our audience. I was also the lead copywriter and wrote the “script” for the video, was on site guiding the video crew, and I crafted all paid ad and landing page copy.

In the end, we generated over 20k video views with a play rate of 65%, increased customer awareness of Unbounce's sticky bars and popups by 51% and drove our adoption rate from 11% to 24%.


Hidden Easter Eggs

As always, it's one thing to design a beautiful user experience, it's another to evoke it. Throughout the landing page, I worked with the designer to hide 'easter eggs' for customers to stumble upon and enjoy!