Alexa Hubley is a growth-focused marketing strategist based in Vancouver, Canada.

Nano Studios

Nano Studios project for UBC.

New nano studios.

The University of British Columbia presents microsuites, an affordable on-campus housing option for undergraduate students.


To give students a real view of what it'll be like to live in one of UBC's innovative nano studios, we created a short video that showcased all the unique ways to live, dine and study in one. As the project was dependent on public feedback, we created a custom landing page sourcing students to tell us what they really think of the nano studios. For their effort, we raffled off gift cards to their favourite on-campus restaurants, pubs and cafes.

We also developed and branded an on-site pop-up studio so visitors could experience life in a Nano Studio for real. Thousands of students, faculty and friends visited the pop-up nano studio during the campaign and we achieved mass nationwide coverage.

• 1st Prize in Experiential Marketing by the BCMAA
• 1st Price in marketing by the ACUHO-I
• Best in Show (Overall) by the ACUHO-I


A pop-up nano studio.

We leveled up our marketing efforts and built a pop-up nano studio inside UBC's student union building. We wrapped the pop-up studio in our campaign branding, highlighting all the potential benefits of what student life could be like in one.

We leveraged our social channels, partnered with on-campus influencers and launched a coordinated PR campaign to drive the hype of this groundbreaking project.