Alexa Hubley is a growth-focused marketing strategist based in Vancouver, Canada.

CXL vs Linkedin Learning

Marketing campaign to highlight CXL’s more diverse product offerings compared to LinkedIn learning.

CXL vs LinkedIn Learning

CXL Institute shows why their courses and programs are better than LinkedIn Learning.

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Targeted at recent graduates looking to upskill in the areas of digital marketing, this landing page was the first in a competitor-focused campaign aimed at building awareness of our brand. Promoted primarily through Facebook ads.

I wrote all the copy for the landing page and Facebook ads as well as defined the distribution strategy, campaign goals and targeting.

I created a research doc of all review sites collating the neutral to negative review keywords of LinkedIn learning, and then literally stole those phrases to use in our campaign. “Bad fit”, “Basic” and “Hit-or-Miss content” are examples of key phrases and themes taken from real LinkedIn Learning customer reviews. The reviews also informed what I chose to highlight in our comparison chart on the landing page.