Alexa Hubley is a growth-focused marketing strategist based in Vancouver, Canada.

CXL Live 2019

Email marketing campaign for CXL Live, a conference on growth and optimization.

CXL Live 2019

An email series dedicated to promoting CXL Live 2019.



When I took over marketing this conference in January 2019, little had been done to set up a segmented, targeted email campaign to promote the event (which was happening in March). Sales were slow and the company was thinking they were going to run in arrears (as they had been every year).

I quickly jumped in and took over scheduling, automating and writing a sequence of emails for the next 12 weeks. Each email below came in various forms, with small differences depending on the segment and target audience.

In the end, my work drove over $680,000 in revenue for the company as well as generated an 158,000 net profit, the first time CXL Live has ever been profitable. Email (and an actual promo schedule) works! ;)

Here’s a few of my favourite emails from the 12-week campaign.