Alexa Hubley is a growth-focused marketing strategist based in Vancouver, Canada.

Better than bacon

Marketing campaign for Help Scout’s newest product: Beacon, Live Chat.

Beacon is better than bacon.

Help Scout launches Beacon, live chat and it’s way better than bacon.


In January 2018, Help Scout launches live chat, an entirely new product offering that helps customer service teams provide better, timely customer support. But as a traditionally “design-driven” company, they needed someone with go-to-market chops to come in and help them launch it successfully. And to get a little weird with it. 🥓

Welcome to Beacon live chat. It’'s better than bacon.

I developed the full-funnel (awareness, consideration, decision) go-to-market campaign framework based on the Google design sprint format to ensure the project was research-driven and impactful. Within that, I acted as both the project manager and copywriter for campaign assets and initiatives, including SEO content clustering around live chat keywords, the creation and A/B testing of organic and paid social ads, development of the targeted landing page, writing and automation of emails , webinar development and execution, copywriting of gated long-form resources and direction for the campaign video.

The campaign generated 5,600 net new leads, and earned an 85% customer adoption rate (i.e. percentage of customers, existing and new) who are using Beacon.


Bacon-y ads that pop (or sizzle).

Bright colours, GIFs and eye-popping content with the simple message Beacon is better than Bacon served as the foundation of the “Awareness” phase of this campaign. The goals? Grab people’s attention, make a splash and hopefully pull a few (or many!) click-throughs to the campaign landing page while we were at it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 4.48.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 4.44.39 PM.png

In-depth, yet fun resources that teach you more about Beacon (and why it’s key to great customer service).

For the next phase of the campaign (MOFU), I wanted to give prospects resources that helped them see the value in using live chat as a customer service tool. The aim was to keep them fun and simple, while educating our prospective buyers about this new, important support channel.
Each resource was embedded as a downloadable (in exchange for an email address) across selected blog posts on our website.

Here’s a piece of content I created from scratch (research, copywriting, editing, QA, launch):