Alexa Hubley is a growth-focused marketing strategist based in Vancouver, Canada.

Annual Pricing

Marketing campaign for Unbounce, launching new pricing plans.

Launching new annual pricing plans.

After eight years, Unbounce launches a new suite of pricing plans for customers to provide more value and drive more annual subscriptions.


For the campaign, I created an entirely fictional, yet very persuasive character called the Chief Discount Officer and let him do all the nitty gritty explaining of the benefits of Unbounce's new annual plans.

Using personalized videos, content marketing, hyper-targeted landing pages with easter eggs and an email campaign, we helped customers find value in moving to new annual pricing.

In the end, we drove over $600,000 in annual recurring revenue for Unbounce and increased annual subscriptions from 2% to 21%.


Extra special content.

We hyper-personalized our email and video content with custom video thumbnails with every customer's first name to make them feel extra special.

The emails were sent to each customer by the Chief Discount Officer himself. The email featured all the benefits of moving to the annual plan, aimed at giving customers enough information to claim the deal right then and there (or visit the campaign landing page if a little more info was needed first)!

If customers weren't quite ready to claim their deal, we targeted them with an exit intent pop-up giving them the option to create a custom calendar reminder of when the deal expires.